Thursday, February 18, 2010


So I just finished reading Nightfall by Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg. Brilliant! Imagine a world that has six suns, never knows darkness, never sees the stars, and then once every 2,049 years there is an eclipse: and everyone loses their minds!

I've been meaning to get some "sci-fi" into my portfolio since I don't have any, and it seems like everyone is looking for some. So since I was so inspired, I'm taking time away from the mad scientist's apprentice to visit Nightfall.

Here are some very small composition thumbnails followed by two gray scale moment thumbnails :)

Inspired by Joko's thousand thumbnails ;)

A sandstorm approaches the archeology dig

The observatory overlooks Saro City and is a major story point. An establishing shot.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Images from 4 is a little, 4 is a lot and a domain name...

So I just realized I never really posted any work from the kids' book I was working on and well, I figured since we're getting down to handing in our bios and getting close to publishing, I figured I could share my stuff.

Four is a little when it's only four blueberries.

Four is a lot when it's Four watermelons

Four is a little when you only have four seashells from your trip to the beach

Four is a lot when you're trying to fit your four favorite toys into your suitcase

The other collaborative images will have to wait I guess since, all I have available is the kids I provided for the cover and the birthday scene at the end. But I think you get the idea from the illustrations I've posted.

In other news: I've just purchased my domain name! Yay!

Official website coming soon... Stay tuned for launch date :D